Viridian Energy – The Green Choice

Viridian Energy. The Green Choice for Lower Electric Rates.

The associates at Green V Energy Solutions has researched Viridian energy as well as several other 3rd party electric suppliers that have recently come into the document.write(geoip_city()); , document.write(geoip_region()); area. We have decided to fully endorse and recommend Viridian Energy as the supplier to choose if you are looking to save money on your monthly electric bill and at the same time want to help save the environment. We have been looking at the many emerging 3rd party electric suppliers that are are entering the newly deregulated states.

Many have already come and gone due to various reasons and poor management. But the one that we have seen rise above them all has been Viridian Energy. They offer several excellent programs that really address the needs of the consumer. They are very focused on providing the customer with reliable savings and are deeply focused on offering the customer several “Green” ways for their electric to be supplied. Gone are the old days of accepting what ever electric your utility provides to you. Currently you now have several choices of green alternatives from Viridian energy to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Energy

Who is Viridian Energy?

Viridian energy is a third party energy supplier of affordable, green, retail energy. They market green energy services through a direct sales business model. They are a socially responsible company providing greener electricity at affordable prices to residential and commercial customers. Viridian energy is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and was founded in March 2009. by Michael J. Fallquist. Viridian energy is unique in the energy industry as their competition charges a significant premium for green electricity. Viridian energy is available to electric customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut,Illinois,and most areas of New York. Many new states will follow shortly. The list is growing all the time!

Would you like to represent Viridian Energy as a Associate?

Viridian energy is a energy MLM servicing select areas in the United States. After you’ve decided to switch your own energy supplier to Viridian, it is only natural to begin thinking of the many people in your own life who would love to hear about an opportunity to save money and help protect the environment through one simple and powerful choice. This is how I felt. I felt that Viridian offered me the power to grow personally and professionally through an excellent business opportunity.

As a Viridian Associate, you will be helping spread Viridian’s “Power with Purpose” vision with many new people, all while earning a excellent income for yourself. Earning money with Viridian is simple: you earn money by helping customers switch their energy supplier and you earn money by mentoring others to do the same. The switch over is free. It is an easy business to demonstrate as Viridian’s rates are always published and explained at our main site. You would simply get a copy of your customers bill and show them the difference in rates and calculate their simple average savings.

For many Associates, Viridian is the perfect income vehicle to sustainable, long-term, residual income. Virdian’s unique compensation plan rewards hard work and dedication, enabling you to create a powerful business and a wonderful future for yourself.

Customers are expected to speak directly to a committed Viridian energy specialist(like myself) to learn of the opportunities in their area. Viridian energy is there to supply support to you by both online and by phone. If you sign up under our site , you will have the personal attention of your own experienced mentors. You will not be learning this new business alone, but ultimately your success will depend on you. Click on the Green Leaf below or Email me and we can set up a time to discuss the compensation package to you.

Viridian Energy

Why is Electricity being Deregulated in document.write(geoip_city()); , document.write(geoip_region()); ? Is this a good thing?

Electricity is being deregulated to benefit customers. To break up the monopoly that the major electric companies once had. Experts compare the deregulation of electricity to the break up of ATT. When ATT broke up, many different telephone service providers were created. Thus that created choice for the consumer and competition.

This break up lead to the direct result of consumers having a choice of telephone providers that were now fighting for the consumers business, thus lowering prices significantly. Now that electricity has been deregulated just like in the telephone industry,electric consumers now have the same fantastic opportunity and the power to choose their electric provider. By having the power to choose your own supplier, you will ultimately benefit by finally reducing your bill to a more affordable level. A choice you never had before electric deregulation.

Viridian energy has come along at a great time. With electric deregulation spreading to many states. Customers and associates alike are beginning to learn and are embracing the benefits of 3rd party electric. People are hurting in this economy, it pains us to see people get taken advantage of by utility companies. Customers are certainly not obligated to switch suppliers. But once you do your research and get the facts, you will see and understand why there is no risk in switching suppliers.

Would you like to become a Viridian Energy Associate or Customer?

Its easy! Either call us or go to our Viridian Website. Its a great feeling when your are able to help yourself and your fellow homeowners or business owners save on their monthly expenses. With all the expenses many people face monthly like mortgage rates and rent. Controlling your electric bill was never obtainable. But now with the introduction of electric deregulation, Viridian Energy offers a way to finally control that expense. At the same time,if you become a associate, you are not only making a nice income , but you are also helping save our environment. If you have any questions about how to switch your supplier or if you would like information on how YOU can become a Viridian Energy Associate (consultant). Please fill out the contact form at the upper right or email us at the contact information below.


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